Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dont Let that Pigeion Drive that bus..

So I was putting Brody into bed last night and he asked me to read him the 'pigeon book', I try my best to read him a book before bed every night but of course this comes and goes. When we do get into the rhythm of reading a book before bed 80% of the time it will be a pigeon book, while reading the book to Brody last night I thought it would be a good idea as my first product review. 

So the book that Brody refers to as the 'Pigeon book' is actually two books that we own (after searching online I have bought more in the collection), when he says pigeon book I just pick which one I want to read. The books are apart of a collection which main character is a mischievous but innocent Pigeon, and of course there is a problem which needs to be solved (no surprise there). However they are just FUN in a great simple way, one of the books we have here is titles "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!", basically the bus driver needs to step out and he has asked if you can watch the bus especially not to let the pigeon onto the bus... even after his persuasive techniques ( in my best pigeon voice). I have a great time with the books plus the voices are fun too, however I think all my voices sound the same even when reading the second book we have The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! in this book the lovable Pigeon has a hot dog and his attempt to eat the hot dog is interrupted by a little duck, who I think is meant to be cute but annoys me (just a little) this may be because I take on the character of the Pigeon so much *laughing or that I love my food...I just think its great ..

Another great thing is the read isn't to long but not so short that you flip through the book leaving them wanting more and more, I can read the book have a laugh and kiss Brody good night .. I cant wait to get more or even more that are like them .. secretly I don't like reading any of the other books .. 

I personally Recommend these books they are written by Mo Willems, they are just fun simple books which Brody and I enjoy heaps even though I we only have two books I am sure the rest will be great.. I cant wait to read them and to improve on my special voices... 

I have taken a look at Amazon and found all the books on there (I think there is more) and I just found out how to use this thing so you can see were to get it .. yeay my fist review is done .. now time to look around the house for more stuff I love .. 

Hope you Enjoy 

Friday, 20 May 2011

Competition Prize picked ..

Win a limitless Beauty Kit
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Thursday, 19 May 2011

First Competition Starts NOW ..

Its time to start my first competition, the prize has not been selected yet ( i am choosing now) thought I would get a head start so that some can enter early.. 
The lucky winner will get to choose from some options (which i will supply soon) there is so many great stuff out there I need to just choose one or two options =] which is hard .. 
Below you will find how to enter and details i tried to keep it simple ..... 


 Entry :

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Each person can only gain 2 points is max, and will be counted as 2 entries..
The winner will be picked by random
The WINNER will be chosen and announced once my followers reach 50 ... 
Entries from all countries welcome

....Enjoy and thank you for reading ....


Monday, 16 May 2011

First Friday Night Challenge

Friday Night Make up Challenge
With a Budget of $10 a look Amanda and I bought some make up and explored some looks we usually wouldn't do if we would be going out in public.. however at the end of the night I think I may try some of these out and about =)

And the Night Begins with my first try at Super Dark Smoky Eye. which secretly i have always wanted to do but never had the chance.

After the Super Dark Smoky eye I took it all off and tried some Colour with white and Pink/Purple eye

Amanda had tried something different with red eye shadow, her lips are layered with silver glitter which she stuck on with lip gloss

The BRIGHT red lip which we both tried, this is another look which we always want to attempt but I personally didn't know how it would turn out on me.

We tried some Fluro colours for something different with my orange theme (it kinda looks like iv been eating Doritos) and Amanda green eye Shadow  

And lastly I tried after my red lip to do a Queen of Hearts Lip ..

It was a great night In.. cant wait to try it again .. with super crazy looks..

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Friday Nights Make up Challenge ..

We had our First challenge on Friday night .. We decided it would be fun to set a budget of $10.00 buy make up and recreate different make up looks for fun... it was great and the photos will be up loaded soon.. 

I think its a great Girls Night In idea .. Firstly you need to go shopping for the make up you can set a budget (which makes it a bit more challenging) or you can just buy a whole heap of make up to use.. My   recommendations as essential make up buys for the night are as follows:

  1. foundation 
  2. concealer 
  3. black eye liner
  4. Bronzer 
  5. Lip stick/ lip Gloss
  6. eye shadow in your preferred colors 
  7. Make up remover 
  8. A medium size mirror (this was super useful so we were not restricted to the bathroom)   
Secondly we borrowed some DVD's for some watching, we got The Hills final season. and lastly some snacks.

It was a good night just playing around with make up without worrying about the end result failing, it was good to experiment and I cant wait to do it again.. Im thinking next time I will search 3 different looks and recreate them for under $10.00 ...

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My first post .. I am super excited to try this out and see how it goes =]

I would like to introduce my darling 4 year old son Brody-Jay, he is my world

Secondly the second man in my life my fiance and best friend Mark 

I am new to Blogging but i am super excited to share basically everything :)
In this blog I want to share my everyday life:
of being a mum of my gorgeous 4 year old Brody-Jay,
partner/best friend to my fiance Mark
Uni student studying psychology/philosophy,
planning a wedding/ saving for that wedding,
and ect...

So it begins..

For a few weeks now life is starting to feel a bit cluttered, so I'm thinking of doing a life detox or more like a home detox. Basically over the years things have been bought or acquired which now just collect dust and have no immediate use, I will confess I am very sentimental which may have contributed to this.. I am soo sentimental I have rocks, sticks wrappers ect.. if it reminded me of a moment I kept it. So now I am thinking of planning a MASSIVE detox of our home, I have tried this before but still kept a lot of things. There will be rules which I need to follow, and the main objective/rule is to get rid or store (neatly in the garage) anything which does not have a immediate purpose or use.

I am excited but this will be a massive task and I will start in a week or two dependant on whether I can get the time to do it and I will blog all steps and outcomes.

Yeay my first =]