Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My first post .. I am super excited to try this out and see how it goes =]

I would like to introduce my darling 4 year old son Brody-Jay, he is my world

Secondly the second man in my life my fiance and best friend Mark 

I am new to Blogging but i am super excited to share basically everything :)
In this blog I want to share my everyday life:
of being a mum of my gorgeous 4 year old Brody-Jay,
partner/best friend to my fiance Mark
Uni student studying psychology/philosophy,
planning a wedding/ saving for that wedding,
and ect...

So it begins..

For a few weeks now life is starting to feel a bit cluttered, so I'm thinking of doing a life detox or more like a home detox. Basically over the years things have been bought or acquired which now just collect dust and have no immediate use, I will confess I am very sentimental which may have contributed to this.. I am soo sentimental I have rocks, sticks wrappers ect.. if it reminded me of a moment I kept it. So now I am thinking of planning a MASSIVE detox of our home, I have tried this before but still kept a lot of things. There will be rules which I need to follow, and the main objective/rule is to get rid or store (neatly in the garage) anything which does not have a immediate purpose or use.

I am excited but this will be a massive task and I will start in a week or two dependant on whether I can get the time to do it and I will blog all steps and outcomes.

Yeay my first =]

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  1. Hey! Thanks for following my blog, your son is so adorable! (: