Recipe for a Dellice

                                Recipe For a Delicious Dellice  

1 cup of  sprinkled Nice
1 cup of crushed Mean
100ml of dark Mystery 
3 cups strong procrastination 
3 tbs of diced Clumsy 
3 cups of shaken Whimsy
100 ml of Jelly
130 ml of crystallised Fun 
1 cup of whipped smiles
1tbs crushed Jealousy 
13 cups of the rare and special Brody-Jay 
13 cups of sweet and sour Mark 
1tbs of awkwardness 
1ml of crunchy Intelligence 
3 cups of unripe creativity 
1/3 cups of purple sparkles 
Accidentally knock in 3 hand fulls of flaky mistakes 

Mix Ingredients together and bake for 22 years, serve in a bowl and eat with a fork or soup spoon only... Simple ...


-Avoid turning your Dellice blond.. (this will not be aesthetically pleasing) 
-Procrastination may be substituted with 3 cups strong laziness 
-You can increase your quantity of crunchy Intelligence however the end result will differ ---Dramatically, increasing crunchy intelligence will result in a dull tasting Dellice...