Monday, 16 May 2011

First Friday Night Challenge

Friday Night Make up Challenge
With a Budget of $10 a look Amanda and I bought some make up and explored some looks we usually wouldn't do if we would be going out in public.. however at the end of the night I think I may try some of these out and about =)

And the Night Begins with my first try at Super Dark Smoky Eye. which secretly i have always wanted to do but never had the chance.

After the Super Dark Smoky eye I took it all off and tried some Colour with white and Pink/Purple eye

Amanda had tried something different with red eye shadow, her lips are layered with silver glitter which she stuck on with lip gloss

The BRIGHT red lip which we both tried, this is another look which we always want to attempt but I personally didn't know how it would turn out on me.

We tried some Fluro colours for something different with my orange theme (it kinda looks like iv been eating Doritos) and Amanda green eye Shadow  

And lastly I tried after my red lip to do a Queen of Hearts Lip ..

It was a great night In.. cant wait to try it again .. with super crazy looks..

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