Sunday, 15 May 2011

Friday Nights Make up Challenge ..

We had our First challenge on Friday night .. We decided it would be fun to set a budget of $10.00 buy make up and recreate different make up looks for fun... it was great and the photos will be up loaded soon.. 

I think its a great Girls Night In idea .. Firstly you need to go shopping for the make up you can set a budget (which makes it a bit more challenging) or you can just buy a whole heap of make up to use.. My   recommendations as essential make up buys for the night are as follows:

  1. foundation 
  2. concealer 
  3. black eye liner
  4. Bronzer 
  5. Lip stick/ lip Gloss
  6. eye shadow in your preferred colors 
  7. Make up remover 
  8. A medium size mirror (this was super useful so we were not restricted to the bathroom)   
Secondly we borrowed some DVD's for some watching, we got The Hills final season. and lastly some snacks.

It was a good night just playing around with make up without worrying about the end result failing, it was good to experiment and I cant wait to do it again.. Im thinking next time I will search 3 different looks and recreate them for under $10.00 ...

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